Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prestigious Documents…

Certificates of accreditation are essential assets for those of noble achievements.  Displaying these distinguished documents as a symbol of your accomplishments are a healthy reminder to you and those in your sphere of influence. After years of hard work, sometimes decades, a diploma signifies the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome to obtain your success! In certain fields of profession, such as the medical occupation, proudly exhibiting your certifications elucidates any concerns a client may have. A newly graduated client came to Art and Framing Designs to traditionally frame her prestigious documents. With a conservative frame and customary parchment mat, this design is intended to classically objectify the walls of her medical practice. This type of framing is a perfect way to embody your success and exemplify your designations.  

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  1. Ditto. I lost my certificate of first big achievement as I hadn't carefully kept it. I think all prestigious documents should be framed. Archival framing doesn't just save it for long time... it also makes them look better. :)